Here Is How You Can Maximize Your Merits By Visiting Tirumala’s “Holy Tirthas” On Auspicious Days!


Like I promised the readers I am back with one more interesting snippet about Tirumala which probably may answer a lot of issues that people face in day to day life. The Kings of old used these ways of devotion to prosper, bear children and win wars. Let’s see if they get any of your problems resolved.


Let me begin by mentioning the important Tirthas around Tirumala:

Swamitirtha which is also known as Swami Pushkarnini, is probably the most well-known of them all. One must take a dip in this holy tirtha before paying oblations to Lord Venkatesa.

Chakratirtha lies northwest of the Tirumala temple. Daivatirtha is a tank in the forest, northwest of the Tirumala temple.

Viyad tirtha lies 2 miles north of the Tirumala tirtha, Kumaradharika or kumaradhara tirtha which is 6 miles northwest of the temple.

The Papanasa tirtha is at a distance of 3 miles north of the Tirumala temple also has a small waterfall.

Pandava Tirtha is a mile to the north east of the Tirumala temple. Altogether there are sixty-six crore tirthas on Narayanagiri.

Tumbha Tirtha or Tumburu or Phalguni tirtha is ten miles north of the Tirumala temple in the forest.

The mountain of Venkatesa was called Anjanadri in Krtayuga, Narayanagiri in Tretayuga, Mount Simha in Dvapara and Venkatachala in Kaliyuga.

Below is the chart that enumerates on which days and muhurta a person should bathe in these tirthas and perform a donation of food.



Vyatipata day is the day on which sun and moon are in opposite Ayanas and have the same declination. The sun and moon in their declination should be 180 degrees.

If such oblations are done, it will help the person to eliminate his sins, prosper in life, gain merit and achieve monetary benefits.

I hope this helps the readers and presents what has been overlooked for several thousand years. I will return with some more information on Tirumala.


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