9 Movies About Virus Outbreaks That Are So Apt To The Situation Right Now


If Corona virus is the only thing that you can think of right now, Then the movies below in the list are a perfect watch for you. Each of these movies are so different and distinct from each other. To understand how the world deals with pandemics and virus outbreaks in an easy way, Watch these below movies:


1. The Contagion, 2011

Streaming on: Prime Video


2. Pandemic: How to prevent an outbreak

Streaming on: Netflix

People are describing this documentary as Informative, Inspiring & Terrifying, all at the same time.


3. Virus, 2019

Streaming on: Prime Video

This movie is about how the government of Kerala fought the deadly ‘Nipah Virus’.


4. The Host, 2006

Streaming on: Netflix

Directed by the most talked about director on the planet right now, Bong Joon-Ho (Parasite fame)


5. Explained: The next pandemic, 2019

Streaming on: Netflix

This is just a 20 minute documentary that warns us about a pandemic and discusses if we’re ready for it or not


6. 28 Days Later & 28 Weeks Later, 2002 & 2007

Streaming on: Netflix

A mysterious virus outbreaks leaving people in panic. This is a movie franchise with 2 parts in it.


7. Carriers, 2009

Streaming on: Netflix

The movie is about how a couple of friends try to escape a pandemic.


8. My Secret Terrius, 2018

Streaming on: Netflix

It insane but, So many people on Twitter are claiming that this series predicted the Corona virus outbreak. To be precise, Watch it from Season 1, Episode 10, Skip to 53 minutes.


9. The Platform, 2020

Streaming on: Netflix

OK I’m saving the best one for the last. This brilliant movie might NOT be about a virus outbreak but, It is so so contextual. It tells us how people behave when they’re in a crisis. The movie also gives us a bizarre look at Capitalism. Can’t reveal more. It’s a 1 and half hour Spanish movie. Don’t miss it.


If you know any more movies that are contextual to the situation outside right now, Do tell us in the comments below.


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