This Startup Backed By Rajamouli Developed A Virtual Game That Tracks Your Health & Fitness!

Musewearables is a consumer product brand, aiming at creating a platform of interconnected devices. These include a hybrid smartwatch that is fashionable, highly resilient and remarkably intelligent; a personal assistant that provides conversation as well as multiple services in the field of fitness, nutrition and finance and finally, a mobile game, called ‘Planetwatch’ that connects users’ daily activities to an immersive virtual reality. The amalgamation of these three products would create ‘Internet of You’.

Planetwatch is a game that turns your daily hustle and bustle into a fun gaming experience.
It is a massive multiplayer real-time mobile strategy game that integrates real-life activities (walking, running and swimming) within the game play. You can build your home base on the resources earned through the activities tracked by the Muse Hybrid Smartwatch and attack enemy bases which are destroying the planet. In-game rewards are the resources generated by the game and these resources can then be used to progress in the game. As you perform more activities in real life, you are rewarded more in the game.

As you wear the Muse Hybrid Smartwatch and continue with your day to day life, it keeps a track of activities like walking, running and swimming. This in turn generates in-game rewards, depending on the your level in the game and the effort that you have put in. All these activities provide two in-game resources (namely alloy and energy). Each of these resources can be used in the game to build the base, upgrade your defenses and other buildings, and upgrade the troops. Upgrading the defenses strengthens your base against attacks by other players. And upgrading the troops will help you attack enemy bases with more ease as the troops gain higher attack power, hit points and new abilities. As you level up in the game by gaining experience, you can unlock more troops and buildings.

Combats occurs between two equally strong players, the defender and the attacker. The attacker uses his army to capture and loot the opponents base whereas defender with his defense buildings try to destroy the attacking army or hold back the attacker till the attack time runs out. Challenges are where you can compete with your friends or anyone in the world, to finish a certain activity within a specified time. Completing these challenges can earn you bonus rewards.

The game is complete with an intriguing back story which is set in a post apocalyptic world, where the home planet had been destroyed. Survivors had left the uninhabitable planet and settled down in distant parts of the galaxy. Our hero, who is a space adventurer, and descendant of this forgotten civilization, discovers his home planet after several millennia. Slowly recovering from the nuclear destruction, the planet is now habitable and thriving with life, and with hints of previous civilization (buildings, monuments, landscapes, books, works of art, and artifacts). The trailer of the game was released by S.S.Rajamouli who is also investing in this startup.


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