Here Are A Few Scenes That Tell You What ‘Vintage Gunasekhar’ Really Is!

Gunasekhar gaaru icchina classics anni inni kaadhu. Aayana mana industry ki Jr NTR laanti star ni parichayam chesaaru, Mahesh Babu ki okkadu tho star status teeskocchaaru, Rudhramadevi cinematho Stylish Star Bunny ki vipareethamaina mass image teeskoccharu. All this aside, Gunasekhar is a truly gifted filmmaker. His passion towards was what motivated him to make Rudhramadevi fighting all odds. His movies have left great impact on us. Let us take a look at some of the iconic moments that will forever remain in the memories of film lover.
1. The comedy scene between Chiranjeevi and Soundarya in Choodalani Undi.
Chiranjeevi, Soundarya and the poem. What a sequence. What a classic.

2. The love scene between Chiranjeevi and Anjula Zaveri at the railway station.
Love at first sight was never shown this convincingly.

3. Mahesh Babu holding a knife to Bhoomika’s throat and blackmailing Prakash Raj.
This is every Mahesh fan’s (why in fact, every Tollywood fan’s) favorite.

4. The fight sequences in the rain from Arjun.
You don’t mess with a girl who has a brother, who can go to the extremes to save her.

5. Arya’s khooshmanda play in Varudu.
You can call the film all you want. But this part of play is a true epic and finally presenting the MAGNUM OPUS of all!

6. The Kondareddy buruju center scene in Okkadu.
No Description required. In fact we are out of words.

7. Prakash Raj ‘Vaadu Samanyudu Kaadhu’ from Choodalani undi.
Epic performance from Prakash Raj. This is a beautiful moment where the villain realizes that he is up against a greater foe than he realised.

8. The battle formations in Rudhramadevi.
A glimpse of our very own Hollywood war sequence, maybe?


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