Meet Vinod Kumar, Whose Paralympic Medal Was Taken Back Over His Disability Classification

Ninna oka roje India Paralympics lo three medals ni win ayindi. After Bhavina Patel and Nishad Kumar won silver medals earlier in the day, now Vinod Kumar clinched India’s third medal as he bagged bronze in the Men’s Discus Throw F52 event.

Initially, Vinod Kumar with his best effort bagged bronze

Finals lo Vinod Kumar garu first attempt lo 17.46m, second attempt lo 18.32m, third attempt lo 17.80m, fourth attempt lo 19.12m dhooram throw vesi strong position lo settle ayaru..

In his fifth attempt, Vinod Kumar gave India hope of a medal as he registered his best throw of 19.91m to be placed second on the table.

Fifth attempt lo vesina 19.91m best throw tho India ki Silver Medal vasthundi anukunna time lo just lo miss ayi third position lo Bronze win ayaru, behind the first position Piotr Kosewicz (20.02m) of Poland and the second position Velimir Sandor (19.98m) of Croatia.

Then now, Why was Vinod Kumar docked his medal..?

Finals lo Vinod Kumar bronze win avagane opponents kondharu thana medical eligibility ni F52 category lo worth ah kadha ani malli review cheyamani protest chesaru..

F52 category ante..?

F52 category is for athletes with impaired muscle power, restricted range of movement, limb deficiency or leg length difference, with athletes competing in seated positions with cervical cord injury, spinal cord injury, amputation, and functional disorder.

This review of eligibility led to the cancellation of his medal

Opponents protest ki organisers ivala review chesi Vinod Kumar ni F52 category ki ineligible ani report release chesi medal ni cancel chesaru..

According to the report released..

They said that.. “Unable to allocate the athlete… with a sport class and the athlete was designated as Classification not Completed (CNC) ”

“The athlete is therefore ineligible for the Men’s F52 discus medal event and his results in that competition are void,”

Really bad news for our Ex- BSF Soldier.

41 years old Vinod Kumar garu inthaku mundhu BSF (Border Security Force) lo service chesevaaru, he is from army family, his father was a part of 1971 Indo-Pak war.

Vinod garu kuda thana education ayaka valla father lane service cheyali ani Army lo join ayaru, but unfortunate ga join ayaka 7 months ke duty lo legs ki severe injury ayi life long paralysis ayaru..

12 years Bedridden

Army lo injury ayaka 12 years bedridden ayi etu kadhaleni paristhiti lo undevaaru, adhe time lo valla parents ni pogottukoni chala pain and struggles ni face chesthu, ika family ni lead cheyadaniki eh option leka Haryana Rohtak lo grocery shop nadipsithu family ni lead chesaru..

From shopkeeper to Tokyo Medalist

Vinod Kumar garu Disc throw adadam 2016 lo ne start chesaru, shop lo kurchunnapudu 2016 Rio Games Silver medalist Deepa Malik(Shot put) gari performances ni chusi inspire ayi thanu kuda ilane sadinchali ani inspire ayi Discus throw start chesaru..

His inspiration Deepa Malik garu is the now current head of Paralympic Committee of India (PCI).

Vinod Kumar garu previously said to a report that…. “Bedridden ayaka financial struggles chala undevi, ika family ni lead cheyadaniki grocery shop nadapadam okkati dhari anipinchindi, appatlo chala hurdles and struggles face chesanu malli alanti time ravodhu kuda, ah shop nadipisthu naa appulu anni thirchesanu kuda.. Thanks to shop. Coach Satyanarayana garu and my sister and my family helped me alot to reach here, villandharu naaku support chesthu encourage chesaru.. “

In our euphoria to celebrate our Double Gold Medal Day, this is really a heart breaking news for Vinod Kumar to return his Bronze medal by declaring him as ineligible..

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