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Vikram K Kumar. As most people call him, He’s the ‘master of story-telling’. No matter how complex & difficult the story is, He deals it with so much ease. He is and has been one of my top favorite directors since years. I still remember tripping on ‘Ishq’ movie back in the days. His films are innocent, Pure, Breezy and Heartwarming. So, here I, A big fan of his work try to rank all of his 5 films. (I’ve never been complete his first film, Ishtam, 2001. And I’m sure most of you haven’t too, So not considering that one here). Let’s have a look at some of the most beautiful things in his films and why he’s so so special.


5. Hello, 2017

Correct ga adhe time ki, Ante December 2017 theatres lo ‘MCA’ ane masth commercial movie aadtundi. And that too with Nani in it. So most movie watchers preferred that movie over this one. Cut to an year and half later, Vikram K Kumar has made a film with Nani. Destiny ? Coincidence ?

Coming to ‘Hello’.. I actually love films with great and realistic chase/stunt sequences in it. Appatlo manam chinnapudu Suirya films (Veedokkade, Ghatikudu) lo ilanti chase sequences intlo unna dabba PC lo 360p lo chuse vadni. ‘Hello’ movie lo Oka brilliant chase sequence untadi, The chase sequence where his phone gets stolen. A mall, A road, The newly opened Hyderabad metro… This chase sequence beautifully captures every detail.


Not just this sequence, All the action sequences in this film are so good.


And after Baahubali.. I think this is the only movie in which I loved Ramyakrishna’s role. Directors should write great great roles for her, She is class apart.

Also this movie is Anup Rubens best work after ‘Manam’. I think I’ve talked about all the best things in the movie.


And finally, We cannot move forward without addressing the fact and the brilliance that this is a movie where the story takes place ‘in a day’.


4. 24, 2016

Vikram K Kumar is extremely popular for telling the most complex stories in the most simplest ways. And this movie is the classic example of the statement.


In very less words, To tell about this movie.. If not Vikram K Kumar and if not Suriya.. Nobody would’ve made a film like this. Or even if they did. We wouldn’t understand it so easily.


3. Ishq, 2012

My personal favorite film of Vikram. Some films are not about ‘what you’re telling in the film’. They’re about ‘How you’re telling them’. And Ishq is a really really cute rom-com that makes your heart melt. Everything about the movie is so pure, The comedy, The romance, The actors, And great music.


To understand what I mean by ‘Cute’, Let me remind you of few other films released that year (2012), ‘Gabbar Singh’, ‘Rebel’ , ‘Daruvu’ , ‘Julayi’ , ‘Business Man’ , ‘Cameraman Ganga tho Rambabu’. Observe anything in common ? All these films are a little ‘loud’ in tone, While Vikram K Kumar’s films are subtle and innocent.

For example, This scene where the actors do not talk anything, But express so many cute emotions:


And this Teddybear scene that puts a smile on your face every time you see it:



2. Manam

A very very unique and one in a million beautiful ’Commercial’ film starring such big star heroes (of one family). Again, ‘most complex story in the most simplest way’.

Imagine not getting confused for remembering Nagarajuna’s name as Nageswar Rao, And Naga Chaitanya’s name as Nagarjuna & ANR garibaldis name as Chaitanya.. Chala confusing ga undi kadhaa.. Well he made an entire movie with these names.

Also, I’ve noticed, All the women roles in Vikram K Kumar’s movies are so well written. Especially the Shirya’s one in this film.

This scene will never get out of my mind. NEVER.



Manam should be a textbook example for future filmmakers about How to make a ‘different’ commercial film.


1. 13B, 2009

OK.. There are 2 types of people by now. The ones who’ve watched this film, And the ones who haven’t.


I’m assuming the majority is the second case. And I want you to watch this movie if you’ve loved any of his films. You’ll be mind-blown.


This film was made way back in 2009. And I still think this is one of the best, Psychological Horror/Thrillers in India. It still has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.


Big complex (Yet interesting ) plot, Super hooking narration, Great actors. Great rewatch ability, This film has ALL the elements it takes to be a GREAT thriller. So yeah, The man who’s super popular for making Cute, Innocent films.. Has made a mind***k thriller.

Psst! It is streaming for free on Hotstar.


So, Yes. As most of his fans call him,Vikram K Kumar is a ‘sensible’ director. We all look forward to his films. He is coming up with his next film tomorrow Nani’s GangLeader and I can’t wait to watch it on big screen.

Do let us know what’s your favorite film of Vikram K Kumar in the comments below.


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