Everything You Need To Know About The Longest Runway Of AP Being Constructed In Vijayawada Airport!


The expansion and upgradation works in Gannavaram are in full swing, and in a new turn of events, it was announced that the expansion of the runway will make it AP’s longest. Here’s the latest update from the quickly-transforming Vijayawada Airport.


11023 feet
That’s the new length of the runway – a whopping 3.6 kilometres!


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7,00,000 cubic metres
As voluminous as 280 Olympic-sized pools, that is the amount of concrete and gravel needed for the runway expansion, and 60,000 cubic metres have already been filled.


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November 2018
That’s the target for the completion of runway expansion. (Pretty sure there’ll be a delay!)


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Boeing 747
After the expansion, the new airport will be eligible to operate the massive airliner. It probably means that international flights to and from Vijayawada are in the near future!


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Here’s a video highlighting the latest developments in Vijayawada’s swanky airport. Take a look!


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