Meet The 9-Yr-Old ‘Helmet Boy’ From Vijayawada Who Is Creating Awareness About Helmet Wearing!


Going by the numbers, India is one of the countries with maximum number of deaths caused due to road-accidents. Every minute, one person in India meets with an accident. According to a survey, the most number of accident related deaths in the last 10 years is high in Telugu states. With 1,37,109 lakh deaths, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh combined top the list, followed by Tamil Nadu (1,32,612). The prime cause for these deaths is “Negligence”.

A 9-year-old kid from Vijayawada’s Krishnalanka Jayachandra Prasad is trying to be the change. What does a class 4 student generally do? May be, they wait for the final bell to ring so that he/she can leave to home and watch cartoon shows or play games. However, this is not the case with Jayachandra. A student of Ravindra Bharthi Public school, Jayachandra says he was impressed by AP CM Chandra Babu Naidu’s message on the importance of helmet, while passing orders of ‘no helmet – no fuel’ in the state. As a part of the initiative, many police officers, public servants and officials from various parts of life have taken part in rallies. Jayachandra, who was inspired by this, decided to do his part for the same cause.

Jayachandra, unlike many students of his age, does cycling during his school holidays. One might wonder, what is the speciality. Well, the kid wears a helmet with a placard attached to it that says “Use Your Helmet” and rides on his bicycle through the streets of Vijayawada. Jayachandra’s parents are working professionals and are in Guntur. The kid stays with his grandparents. One might be thinking about the role of parents here, but to the contrary, Jayachandra’s parents used to tell him to stay at home as they felt that he is too young to take up a social cause.

Like they say, determined people are always stubborn, Jayachandra didn’t hear to those suggestions. He continues to wear a helmet and cycle around on Eluru Road, Bandar Road, Prakasham Barrage, Besant Road beside other prominent places in Vijayawada. After the kid started receiving appreciation and accolades from police and other dignitaries, his parents and grandparents realised the idea of Jayachandra’s cycling with helmet.

Despite government’s repeated efforts asking citizens to always wear a helmet while riding a bike, many people neglect those instructions by finding reasons to not wear helmet. If even one person changes or picks up his helmet from the backside of his bike and puts it on after watching Jayachandra, we are saving ourselves from the police, rather, we are giving trust to our family members who are waiting for us back home.


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