Meet Vijaya Gadde, A Telugu-American Who’s Responsible For Trump’s Twitter Suspension

If you don’t know what’s been happening in the USA, the below pictures might give you a little idea,

Apparently, Trump’s supporters have breached the US Capitol and have created unwanted violence.

Soon after this, Trump was seen banned from all the major social media platforms one after other.

Why the ban:

The suspension came after tweets by Trump that the company saw as having led to incitement of mob violence in the US Capitol building last week.

Trump is now banned from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and many major social media platforms.

Twitter has permanently suspended the Twitter account of Donald Trump and there’s one woman we need to talk about regarding this,

This suspension was lead by Vijaya Gadde, Head of legal policies and trust & safety at Twitter.

How a 45-year old immigrant from India is responsible for Trump’s twitter account suspension:

As the head of Twitter’s legal and safety team, Gadde has been on the forefront of the social media platforms censorship of Trump’s Twitter account.

She has 350 people at Twitter under her supervision. She’s a corporate lawyer as well.

A little bit about Vijaya Gadde:

Born in India, Gadde is part of Twitter’s PR executive team and is also the company’s Head of Legal, Policy and Trust & Safety. A corporate lawyer, and graduate from Cornell University and NYU, Gadde joined Twitter in 2011 and has been working with Twitter for years.

Her early days and education:

Her father worked as a chemical engineer on oil refineries in the Gulf of Mexico. The Gadde family then moved to the east coast, where Vijaya completed her high school in New Jersey.

Her power and influence at Twitter:

Gadde has been helping Twitter shape its legal policies for nearly a decade now.

According to reports, She was even present in the Oval Office during a meeting between Trump and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. 

She even joined Dorsey when he met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in November 2018.

In 2014, she was named by Fortune as the only woman in Twitter’s executive team. Gadde has garnered a lot of attention and has been profiled by some of the leading US publications.

 The Politico described Vijaya as “the most powerful social media executive you’ve never heard of”.

This is what she tweeted after suspension of Trump’s twitter account:

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