If You Love Different Movies, Then You Should Definitely Watch These Vijay Anthony’s Movies


Bichagaadu movie chusina vaallaki Vijay anthony gurinchi separate ga cheppakarledu. Music composer ga manchi chartbusters ichi different movies tho hero ga oka separate base ni create cheskunnaru tanu. Apart from result every movie of him have some unique concept and different attempt. Here are some of his best movies and why to watch them.


1. Nakili:
Ee movie without expectations and hype tho release chesaaru. Assalu release ayyindi ani kuda telidemo. But ee movie oka manchi seat edge thriller. Concept chaala different ga untundi. Oka orphan and prisoner inkokari identity ni, tana identity ga maarchukovadaaniki em chesaadu anedi concept.


2. Dr.Salim:
Oka soft natured doctor Society lo unna descrimination tho chesina fight ee movie. Hero and Heroine characterizations regular commercial formula base cheskuni undadu. Second half aithe perfect thriller.
Full movie available on Hotstar.


3. India Pakistan:
Vijay anthony chesina full to commercial aspects unna oke okka movie. Manchi comedy entertainer.


4. Bicchagaadu:
Vijay anthony ni telugu vaallaki baaga connect chesina movie idi. Ee movie lo sentiment element enthundo aa sentiment ni balance chesthu comedy fights and thrilling moments kuda anthe untaayi.
Full movie is available in Sun Nxt.


5. Bethaludu:
Ee movie lo Background music, Vijay anthony performance racha leputaayi.
Full movie available with premium membership in Zee5.


6. Yaman
Well scripted political drama, Meeku political dramas nachite, you must see this movie.


7. Roshagadu
Chain snatching chesevaallu chaala mandi 18 years lopu vaalle, Okadi selfishness chaala mandi teenagers life ni spoil chesttondi. Ee issue ni chala sensible ga deal chesthundi ee movie.


8. Killer
A well screenplayed crime thriller, Investigation scenes baaguntaayi. If you like crime thrillers with short running time, This movie worth a shot.


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