For The First Time Ever.. Vijayawada Now Has India’s Longest Smart Street – “The Golden Mile”


Vijayawada is truly transforming into a digital city in all aspects. The Govt. of Andhra Pradesh has teamed up with IT firm Cisco and has created India’s longest Smart Street “The Golden Mile” on the ever busy Bandar Road. The 3-km stretch has several smart services integrated to make citizens life easier.

It is home to 35 WiFi access points providing high speed internet from AP fibernet. This enables citizens to use internet every-time they are on this Golden Mile strech. Besides, the street is home to 240 Smart Lights ensuring energy efficient light experience. Advanced motion sensors & software application controlled by Cisco City Digital Platform ensures these smart lights’ efficiency.

The golden mile has 10 parking sensors to help ease traffic congestion and help manage parking by providing visibility into real time avail of parking slots. It also has four motion sensors to detect traffic violations, traffic movement & number plate recognition. Interestingly, the Golden Mile is also equipped with environmental sensor to monitor Air Quality.

Besides, the stretch will see eight bus stops with LED screens that display real time bus information and schedule of other buses. Besides, regular ones, two smart buses will run in this route that are equipped with CC cameras and provide information regarding the number of people in that bus.

More than 100 plus cameras with IP Camera Application Management helps ensure safety n security of this area. The Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC) also introduced video based contact centre at PVP shopping mall to provide various citizen services to people. Citizens will have access to city officers without visiting government offices to get their work done.. The city is already making news for it being a ‘clean road’ with no paper and litter around. With similar projects coming up in Andhra Pradesh and other cities all across the nation, India is set for a major digitalisation of its cities and Vijayawada being the first one, it is fast being recognised as global city of the future.


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