This Frame-To-Frame VFX Breakdown Of RRR’s Epic Train Scene Will Blow Your Mind

RRR cinema theatre lo enni sarlu chusina, OTT ki vachaka kuda craze, ah mania asalu ekkada thaggatledhu. Prathi weekend repeat mode lo pettukuni mari chusthunnaru. Mari movie entha chudalani untundho alane behind the scenes, VFX chudalani anthe wait chestham. Mari RRR movie team ivala manako interesting video release chesindi.

Andhariki Ram Charan, NTR intro scenes tarvata obviously vallu idharu kalisi pillodini kaapade scene antene favorite. Mari ah scene VFX breakdown video ne release chesaru. S.S.Rajamouli gariki telisindi okate impossible ni possible cheyadam.. Dhani kosam entha dhuram ayina veltharu. 

Coming to this VFX Breakdown.. Credits goes to S.S.Rajamouli gaaru, Surpreeze team, Srinivas Mohan, Senthil Kumar, Sabu Cyril. Migatha perlu SSR team lo epatinundo vintuna perlu, kothaga anipinchindi ee Surpreeze VFX team. Surpreeze is a hybrid production company based in Copenhagen. Vellu digital tools, miniatures use chesi visual effects, motion designing chesthuntaru. They work closely in all stages of filmmaking. 

  • They first started making eight miniature model oil train cars(bhogi) made up of metal, so that apude fire antukogane explosion avthayi. Especially deni kosam Virginia, USA nundi oka team ni hire cheskunaru.


  • Later, they were loaded in a 20 foot container, the models were then shipped to Hyderabad.
  • A few months later, a small team travelled to India to oversee the miniature shoot.
  • Coming to the main part, Ram charan and NTR kalise scene lo ah bridge reference, village environment, drone footage kosam they went to our own Rajahmundry. 
  • Copenhagen- visual effects team spent months and dedicated their time to this special project.

Here are the frame-to-frame glimpses of making of one of the most epic scene from the movie, RRR:










Here’s the full video of VFX breakdown:

Surpreeze also worked for various other Telugu films like Radhe Shyam, Sahoo and Baahubali too, Here are few videos of their other works:

Ten minutes manaki screen medha kanipinche oka scene venuka intha Filmmaking untundi ani teluskunnam. Hats-off to the entire team for this masterpiece.

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