Our Jeevitham Through Funny Venn Diagrams


Appudeppudo school lo venn diagramsni chusaam. Bijection, conjuction, union ani evevo terms unnayi. Avanni ippudu aprasthutham. Present matter entante.. Ee venn diagrams ni use cheskuni mana dialy life lo mana face chesey situations and konni funny observations ki sync ayyetttu ikkada present chesthunna.. Vaatini oka look eyyandi chepthaa..


1. Followed by em chesthunnav


2. Hypothetical question


3. Enduku chepthunnano ardam cheskondi


4. Maid raakapovadam valla employee leave petti battalu uthikaadu, It is a butterfly effect


5. Charitra lo kanivini erugani adbhutham


6. One word two different meanings


7. Fuel of the body


Coffee lovers you are not joke to us


8. Start music….


9. To all movie lovers out there…


10. Sarva roga nivaarini


One line, two songs


Same characterisation same entertainment


Ilaa meeku kuda emanna crazy ga ideas vasthe vaatini kuda kindha comment cheyandi.. and share the fun 🙂


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