You Must Check Out This Musician’s Rocking Veena Cover Versions Of Popular Songs!


These days musicians are making good use of all social media platforms available to them. Veena Srivani is one such extraordinary artist who is wowing everyone with her prowess at the Veena. If you get the chance to check out her page, you will find some really awesome videos of her rendering some classics on her veena. Name any song and she can play it to perfection on the Veena.


She challenges the notion that classical instruments can’t be fast paced. Check out this one…


You might seen cover versions which either follow the rythm or versions which follow the voice. Here she does both.


Increasing the time speed of the video is making it sound trippy, She’s experimenting in a whole new level, Isn’t it ?


Classical Music.


Jilibili palukula O myna myna


Raghuvamsa Keertana


Challa Gaali thakunthunte. (Yavede Subramanyam)


Mastaani (Baajirao Mastaani) Bollywood


Her own composition


She Recreates AR Rehman’s magic


Lastly, Game of thrones!!


I know what you are thinking right now. Here’s her fb page. You can follow her and get to see more such awesome stuff.


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