Vanjangi, The New Tourist Sensation Near Vizag That’s Grabbing Everyone’s Eyeballs

Oka Araku.. Oka Lambasingi.. Ila AP lo unna one of the most famous and pleasant tourist places anni Vizag chuttu undatam Vizag valla adrushtam emo kada.

Asal ee 2 oorle kakunda, Vizag city ye beautiful untadi, Oka cute tourist attraction. Mari alantidi people have discovered a new, hill station near Vizag that’s now everyones favorite.


Vanjangi is a village located 6KMs from Paderu mandal. Basic ga Vizag nunchi oka 3 hours drive anukondi. Oka 3400 above sea level nunchi view point unte ela untado imagine cheskondi! That’s exactly Vanjangi!

Ikkada nunchi sunrise chuste untadi feel asal, Maatallo explain cheyalem anthe!

Trek chuskuni paiki velli ninchunte, Edho poyi clouds madyalo ninchunna feel ostadi anukondi.

Reaching Vanjangi:

A drive hour drive from Vizag (around 100KMs). Once you reach Paderu, a 6 KM road can be taken that can lead to the point where the trek starts. Akkada nunchi you have to trek up to the view point.

Psst! Oka friends gang ni eskellandi, Maanchi feel ostadi!

Things to know:

Inka ee place lo hotel, lodge lanti accomodation facilities em levu, But so many people are taking their own, small tents and camps so that they can camp in open space. So mari inkenti pack your bags and say hell to 2021 from a hill top!

What not to miss:

SUNRISE! Ee viewpoint nunchi ala golden rays tho sunrise matram miss avvodhu, anthe! Rest you guys will figure out and have fun!

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