“I Killed Him. I Did What A Father Must Do.”

We often hear stories about how a girl was attacked by a guy for rejecting him or his proposal. It is about time we heard about how sweet retribution is. When someone hurts his daughter, a father does indeed turn into a fighter.
Vallabha Rao, Neeraja’s father, encountered Mallesh alias Raju who turned up at their residence attacking his daughter with a knife, and threatening their family too for rejecting his proposal for marriage.
Vallabha Rao

Image Courtesy: The New Indian Express
Vallabha Rao did what we would think is an appropriate reaction of an aggravated father. He snatched the knife from Raju while the former became a victim of his own weapon.
Neeraja is recovering from her three stab wounds at Remedy Hospital of Kukatpally while Raju lost his sorry life as a result of the wrath of a protective father.
women attacked

Image Courtesy: The Hans India
Vallabha Rao was deemed innocent by the Kukatpally police, as it was merely an act of self-defense. He stands by his act of valiance and says that he did only what a Father is supposed to do.
Would there have been a better way to act in that situation? We have to say no.

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