This Poet Honoured Telugu Classic Movies In A Beautiful Way, And You Have To See It Now!

Creativity just does not seem to end in the Telugu land! Ok, so we love movies. And we love to get creative. We’ve got minimal posters of movies, parodies of movie characters, mash-ups of Hollywood with the TFI… But we are fairly certain that no one has gone as far as this person. Vakkeli mashed up his love for poetry and for movies and created this new-found art. Micro-poetry that sum up Telugu classic movies turned out to be food for the creative soul. Here are some of his best ones.

1. Paatala Bhairavi

  2. Mana Voori Pandavulu  

3. Mayabazaar

  4. Mutyala Muggu  

5. Shankara Bharanam

  6. Gorantha Deepam  

He also has this form where you can suggest your favourite movie, and he will write a micro-poem about it. How cool is that!

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