9 Things You Should Know About Vah Chef, Sanjay Thumma!

Sanjay Thumma more popularly known as Vah Chef, has been a fun person in general and clearly a passionate one for food. His journey with food incidentally didn’t begin recently as we know it! Sanjay Thumma, a Hyderabadi by birth has made his mark not only in the country but also for all the Indian food lovers around the world. Loved not only for his home kitchen friendly recipes, he is also adored for his screen-presence. So, it turns out Sanjay is a lot more interesting in person, just like his shenanigans in his videos!! Here’s what you also need to know about him:


1. He was the first Telugu YouTuber to be featured in a YouTube Fan Fest.

Youtube_the hindu

Source: The Hindu

2. His interest in the kitchen began when he was 7 years old. His mother would engage him in the kitchen so that he wouldn’t annoy his siblings.

VahChefMother Youtube

Source: Youtube

3. His cooking experiences started with Dosas and Scrambled Eggs. He had to take to cooking when his mother was hospitalized.  

Egg BHurji Youtube

Source: Youtube

4. He started recording videos and uploading them because he kept missing steps when he narrated recipes to his friends who asked him for them.


Source: Youtube.

5. He owned a chain of restaurants in the US which he eventually sold off because he felt he was “managing people more than cooking”.


Source: Youtube.

6. He never intends to start a restaurant again. “A restaurant can feed only a few hundred, my website feeds lakhs of them,” he says.


Source: Vah Reh Vah


7.  He won the prestigious Gold Medal in the All-India chef’s competition for culinary arts and also was recognised as Noteworthy Newcomer at the Times Food Awards.

vahrehvah chef navbharat

Source: Navbharat Times

8. His videos are recorded and edited by his wife Ragini, while he cooks.


Source: Youtube.


9. His YouTube channel has a whopping 327 million views!


Source: Vah Reh Vah.


While Chai Bisket is a fan of his recipes, he got us ROFLing with this particular video!


Source: VahChef

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