India & Vaccine: How & Where To Register For Covid Vaccine In India

India is finally ready for COVID-19 vaccination. There’s such happening right now and so many people working to get people of our vaccinated and here’s everything you need to know about it.

India has 2 vaccines ready.

Covishield & Covaxin.

Covishield is developed by Oxford along with Astrazenca and it’s the first vaccine to be approved in our country.

While Covaxin is the one that is developed in our own country by Bharat Biotech.

Who will be the first ones to get vaccinated:


As per the recommendation by National expert group on vaccine administration for covid-19, Healthcare workers (of both private and government hospitals) will be the first ones to get the vaccine.

Along with them,

People associated with the State and the Central Police Department, home guard, disaster management, armed forces, prison staff, municipal workers, and even revenue officials related to the containment of the virus and surveillance along with other activities will also be placed in the priority to be vaccinated.

Who will vaccinate people:

A team of 5 people will be in charge of vaccinating people,

Vaccination Officer 1: Will be responsible for pre-checking registration. 

Vaccination Officer 2: Will have the duty of authenticating.

Vaccination Officer 3: Will actually give the vaccine. 

Vaccination Officer 4 and 5: Will manage the crowd and keep a 30-minute observation. 

How and Where to register for the vaccine:


CoWIN is the app/website to register for covid vaccine.  It’s a a digitized COVID Vaccine Intelligence Network system.

Identification process will be conducted using government photo identity and AADHAAR authentication. A date and time will be set after the registration process is completed. 

PS: No on-spot registrations will be welcomed. 

What are the documents that we need to carry:

Any of the below mentioned things will do the work,

1. Passport 

2. Pension Document

3. Service Identity Card provided to the employees by the Central/State Govt/Public Limited Companies 

4. Driving License

5. Voter ID

6. Smart Card provided under the scheme of the Ministry of Labour

7. MGNREGA Job Card

What happens once you enter the vaccination zone:

There will be a Waiting Room for people to wait. They will be led to the Vaccination Room where they will be inoculated. And, finally, the Observation Room where they will be kept in observation for 30 minutes after they have received the vaccine.  

What will be the cost of vaccine:

Frontline workers will NOT have to pay for the vaccine at all.

Covishield will cost something around Rs.400 while Covaxin will cost less than Rs.100. Although nothing for sure can be said as of now because the budgeting will also get influenced during the later stage of vaccination. 

Let’s hope that our country fights corona and comes out stronger than ever.

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