Every Gang Has An ‘Uppu’ In It & Here Are 11 Signs That It Is Your Best Friend


Recent ga release aina Ee Nagaraniki emaindi cinema lo 4 different yet relatable characters ni manaki present chesaru Tharun bhascker. oka Psycho vivek, oka jubilee hills karthik, oka sarcastic kaushik, oka silent and passionate uppu, ilanti vallu mana gangs lone untaru. Vallalo exact ga anni characters kakapoyina evo konni characters manam definitely mana friends lo chuse untam. Ala let us see some signs of our uppu a.k.a thick shake and ee traits meelo emanna unte definitely you can consider yourself as uppu of your gang.


1. You love your profession so much that you don’t sleep for straight 3 nights and work


2. You are too shy that you can’t even say ‘NO’ to clients’ demands


3. You worship god so much that you don’t booze on Tuesdays & Saturdays


4. So you start managing with thick shakes/ soft drinks in ‘sittings’ with friends


5. You get addicted so much to Soft drinks (thick shakes) that you start driking them everyday


6. You are that friend in the gang who takes care of all your friends when they are drunk AF


7. You are that guy whose Hindi is next level


8. You book your friends into difficult situations that no one can escape from


9. Your funniest angle comes out when you are angry on your friends

“Untundhi ra, intha pedda cigarette untundhi”


10. You are allergic to journeys and you often puke during long drives


11. You are still and the most rejected bachelor of the gang but you dont give a f*** about it.


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