25 Upcoming Marvel & DC Superhero Movies You Should Be Mad Excited About


There are two types of people. The ones who watch all the Comic, Superhero movies every year. And the ones who say, ‘OK, I like Avengers’. This list for exclusively for type-1 people. The mad comic movies fans. Here’s the complete list of all your favorite Marvel and DC movies coming out.


1. Venom

Release Date: October 5th.
The much awaited Anti-Hero movie. Which is kind of a sequel to ‘Life’ movie, which released last year.

2. Spiderman: Into The Spider-Verse

Release Date: December 14th.
The visuals of this trailer looks very appealing, You’ll enjoy, if you love watching animated films.

3. Dark Pheonix

Release Date: Febraury 2019.
Mystique, Beast, Storm, Nightcrawler, you’ll see all them again in this movie. Also, Sophie Turner is there in the movie, just saying.


4. Captain Marvel

Release Date: March 2019.
The ‘Osey Raamulamma’ of Marvel Universe right now.


5. Avengers: Infinity War 2

Release Date: May 2019.
What did Doctor Strange see ?? Will the ones who’ve disappeared come back?


6. Gambit

Release Date: June 2019.
What exactly is his superpower? Who’s going to play Gambit? Is it Channing Tatum?


7. Spiderman Homecoming 2

Release Date: July 2019.
Now this superhero isn’t a kid anymore. He’s an Avengers.


8. The New Mutants

Release Date: August 2019.
Unbelievable, but the trailer is already released.

9. Gaurdians Of Galaxy Vol 3

Release Date: 2020.
Though James Gunn isn’t directing it anymore. Still looking forward to it.


10. Black Panther 2

Release Date: No Idea.
Nobody know anything about the film, but the makers have confirmed a sequel.


A List Of Upcoming ‘DC’ movies

11. Aquaman

Release Date: December 21st.
Finally after watching him in Batman v Superman & Juctice League. We’re getting a standalone movie.

12. Shazam

Release Date: April 5th 2019.
A film that doesn’t look like a DC film from any angle. Definitely looking forward for some laughs.

13. Wonder Woman: 1984

Release Date: November 1st 2019.
A sequel to biggest blockbuster of DC movies in recent times.


14. FlashPoint

Finally Flash Tv Series fans will see his standalone movie.


15. Birds Of Prey

A team that consists of Black Canary and Barbara Gordon. You’ll see more of Harley Quinn in this movie.


16. Joker Origin Story

Joaquin Phoenix, the greatest actor ever, is probably playing The Joker.


17. Green Lantern Corps

Remember that Ryan Reynolds Movie with the Green Suit? Yeah, a sequel to that.


18. Suicide Squad 2

The enitre squad coming together again, hopefully in a better way.


19. The Batman (ft. Ben Affleck)

Probably also directed by ben Affleck.


20. Batgirl

If rumours are to be believed that, Kristen Stewart is the Batgirl.


21. Black Hawk

See, there are actually so many superheroes in DC, which they haven’t introduced at all. Steven Spielberg is producing it.


22. Man Of Steel 2

With or Without the Mustache? Gotta wait.


23. Death Stroke

A supervillian we can’t wait to watch.


24. New Gods

Might take reeaallly long to release.


25. Cyborg

Yes, he also will have his own movie. Because, Ravali, Aquaman ravali, Wonder Woman ravali, Shazam ravali, Joker ravali, Motham andharu ravali.


So, which are you more excited about?


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