This Love Story Will Give You All The Good Feels You Need For The Day


Contributed By Sai Ram Nedunuri


On a weekend morning, his heart started pounding when he saw an incoming call from her, whom he silently crushed upon since long time.
After doing a couple of breathe-in and breathe-outs to act normal, he lifted the call


She :: Hey sorry to disturb you on the weekend.

He :: Its absolutely fine, tell me.

She :: The report which I mailed you yesterday got deleted from both my system and mail accidentally. I am in office today and the boss wants that report right now. Is it ok for you to give your office desktop login details so that I can take that report from your mail ?


He replied with an awkward silence as he was afraid that she might take a look at the text document filled with all the “unsent messages” to her.


She :: Hello, are you there ?

He :: Err.. ya hello.. sure, will ping you my login details.

She :: Thank you so much ..!!


She logged into his office desktop and while searching for her report, making his apprehensions true, she got curious on a text document right on the desktop, named after her name.
Being little skeptical to open, she has finally opened that to read what’s inside.


“You are my nature-watch on a rainy evening,
in the midst of countless binge watchings ”
“You are my stargaze,
when my eyes get tired of numerous glittery lights”
“You are my early-morning sunkissed coffee,
after a night of refreshing sleep”
“You are that movie which I want to re-watch inspite of having a huge new movie check-list”
“Your sight gives me a sense of the ‘old’ normal, in the midst of present ‘new’ normal”

A smile decorated her face after reading these lines. She thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of being admired exactly the same way she has been admiring him.

She then decided to add her lines to the same document.

“Will you be my side and be the source of cheesy lines for the rest of my life ?”

After adding these lines, she pinged him the below message.

“Thanks for your help. I feel lucky that there is no other employee in our office with the same name as mine. I hope the first thing you will be doing on Monday is to open the text document on your desktop.”


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