11 Unknown Facts About Mahesh Babu Movies That Leave You Awestruck!


1. Rathnavelu was engaged with some other film when he was approached for Brahmotsavam. Mahesh convinced him to do this film.



2. Pawan Kalyan had sent over a bouquet to congratulate Mahesh on the release of Rajakumarudu.



3. Mahesh Babu never even listened to business man story. He just believed in Puri & started the movie.

Mahesh Babu, Puri Jagannath @ Business Man Movie Working Stills

Mahesh Babu, Puri Jagannath @ Business Man Movie Working Stills


4. Shooting of business man was completed in just 70 days.



5. Mahesh Babu used the same pair of shoes for the whole of the movie in Pokiri.



6. Mahesh Babu liked Jagadam film a lot and he called Sukumar after Jagadam’s release. He had asked Sukumar to prepare a story for him. During the shoot of 100% Love, Mahesh Babu called him again and made producers of 14 Reels pay an advance for the film.



7. Originally, the interval scene in 1-Nenokkadine was supposed to happen in a car parked outside the office of heroine. But they had some practical problems during the shoot day and decided to change venue. That is when they got the idea of shooting in the restroom of Westin, Hyderabad.



8. In the final scene which has Mahesh killing Nasser, Sukumar asked Mahesh to shoot all the bullets continuously in that shot. But, Mahesh shot just one bullet ferociously and looked at villain with a terrific expression. Sukumar said that it was a great improvisation by Mahesh Babu.



9. 1-Nenokkadine was shot in a 500 years old house in Belfast. That’s where they found that musical instrument. Nobody knew the name of that instrument that shown during the films opening credits. It’s an old instrument that can play 12 tunes. Incidentally the nursery tune composed by DSP was very close to one of the 12 tunes.



10. The pre-climax scene in Srimanthudu was planned during the initial days of shoot. Mahesh called up director Shiva and requested him to postpone the shoot of pre-climax by 3 days. He had never asked to postpone shoot of any scene in his career before.



11. Mahesh prefers not to use stunt doubles for most shots. No matter how risky they are.



(source – idle brain interviews)


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