Unfair Expectations Society Has From Women: 9 Expectations That Seem Harsh & Senseless On Women

Ammayilu and expectations! A match definitely made in hell. Generally evaritho aina expectations pettukovadame manchi vishayam kaadu, alantidi ammayila midha the most unfair and harsh expectations pettukuntaaru. Asalu ee expectations pettukodaniki main reason enti ante… emaina solid reason untunda?! Ledhu! Just nuvvu ammayi kabatti, anthe!

Ila manam puttina roju nunchi eroju daaka alanti okati kaadu rendu kaadhu, ennenno expectations tho ammayilu torture avtunnaru. Baitiki ivvanni chinna chinna vishyalu laaga anipinchina, these things determine the life of every woman in our society.

Ammayi annaka…. ila undali, ala undali… ila cheyyali, ila assalu cheyoddu…. Idhi muttukovali, vitiki dooram ga undali… ala matladaku…. ala kurchoku…. akhariki antha gattiga navvuku… ila unna 1000 expectations nunchi konni ikkada vesamu… chuseyandi!

The list can go on and on and on but these expectations never tend to end at all. This women’s day…. let’s point out the unfair things as unfair and stand up for ourselves!

Happy women’s day to every single woman out there! You are strong, beautiful, and worth it all!

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