Unexpected Power Cuts: Reactions When Your Day Gets Ruined Cuz Of Power Cuts

Edho ee WFH lo or holiday time lo intlo undi family tho chill avdham anukunte ee unprofessional power cuts valla gattiga irritate avthunnam mowa, bayataki velthe varsham undi ani intlo chill avdham anukunte ee power cuts valla anni flop avthunnai..

My friend:

Arey movie ki veldhama..?


Ledhu ra, family tho OTT lo movie chustha..

Me after 3 hrs continuous power cut at home

When your manager discussing about your promotion in zoom call, and then suddenly power cuts..

Chii dhinnammaa.. Naa daridram thagallayyaaa

When your sister used mobile data already, and now you can’t work in this power cut..


My inti pakkana boddudu..

Heyy myyan annayaa, lets dance in this chikatiii

My manager:

Ivala work endhuku cheyatlee..?


Power cut ayindi saar

My manager:

Ninna kuda cut ayindi annav..?


Ivala nizamga ayindi saar, so alaaa..


My parents, if the power goes off while they are watching Jabardasth

Night Etv news and jabardasth vache time lone power cut avthundi chudu laksmhi…

Meanwhile that electrician who turn off the power to our colony:

Ooruko ooruko, YouTube lo chusko le

Me after continuous 5 hrs power cut at home:

Its family timeee:

Power cut ayi wifi off aythe kani andharu oke dhagara raru masteruuu

Bayatiki velthe emo varsham, intlo unte emo ee power cuts..

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