10 Songs Of Mani Sharma Which Are Way Too Melodious To Be Left Unnoticed!


General ga audio anedhi movie ki visiting card laantidhi antaaru, kani chaala varaku oka cinema hit aina tarvathe manam aa cinema paatalu vinatam start chestham. Ee process lo cinema flop avvatam vallano, ledha chinna cinema avvatam vallano ledha for any other reasons enno manchi songs ni miss avthaam. Here we bring 10 such songs from our melody brahma which you will definitely regret if you haven’t noticed all these days.


1. Baanam – Mogindhi jai ganta
Ee movie lo chala mandhiki telsina paata naalo nenena maatrame, kani this is equally melodious song


2. Sashirakha parinayam – Ee album mottham master piece ae!


3. Yuvatha – evarunnaarani naakaina
May be chala mandhiki ee movie gurinchi telika povachu, but yes! This movie exists and this melody exists!


4. Lakshyam – niluvave remix
Mani is master of fusion and that is why his remixes comes out this well. Andaram teenmaar lo remix ne paadukuntaam kani, this is one just awesome song


5. Athanokkade – gundelallo dhaaginadhi
Ee movie hit aynanatha range ki audio hit avvaledhu, this one song from this movie is worth adding to your melody playlist


6. Sakhiya – nannochi taakindhi
Indulo kuda anni songs baaguntaay boss. Ee paata especially is too good!


7. Pellam oorelithe – donda pandu laanti
Hari haran voice tho magic create cheyatam lo mani has his own mark. This song is yet another lovely piece.


8. Bobby – ee jenda
Prince career lo floppest movie ga migilipovatam valla not many people will touch this album, but trust me, this song is priceless.


9. Raavoyi Chandamama – mallepuvva majaala guvva
Raavoyi chandamama ante ventane manaku gurthoche paata swapnavenuvedho, kani ee movie lo kuda inka chala manchi songs unnayi….


10. Mrugaraju – shathamana mannadhile
Boss and Mani combo is something which has given 100% success rate when audio is concerned. All the songs in this movie are just awesome, but did not get due respect because of movie’s result.


These songs are just a sample, there are lot more melodies that went either unnoticed or without getting due respect to their worth. Post your favorite songs from that category and help others to listen to them!!!!


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