Underrated Movies Of 2018 You Might’ve Missed In Theatres, But Are A Brilliant Watch


2018 was a great year for Telugu cinema. We’ve watched quite a few good movies this year. But there are also films which are actually good but because the scale and release of the film is smaller, not many people have watched these films. So here’s a list of underrated Telugu films you shouldn’t miss at any cost.


1. Chi La Sow

The female protagonist- Anjali, & her portrayal is by far one of the most progressive heroine roles this year. Kudos to Rahul Ravindran for writing such beautiful yet sensible female role.

2. Needhi Nadhi Oke Katha

Needhi Nadhi Oke Katha is also a special film because it is the first Telugu movie to adapt ‘Dogme-95’ film making technique. Also Sree Vishnu’s movies and roles have always been labelled ‘Underrated’, and this one is no different.

3. Sammohanam

Not like completely underrated, but this film deserves more. For the performances, songs, and the way director tells us the story.

4. Awe

Yet another new talent, and a new story. Backed by a star hero, Awe is definitely a breath of fresh air to the people who want to watch different kind of cinema.

5. Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi

Yep, not many might agree but Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi is actually a great buddy-comedy film with promising new talents on screen, give it a chance if you haven’t watched it already.

6. C/o Kancharapalem

The best Telugu film of the 2018. Starring almost 80 local villagers of Kancharapalem, that are non-actors. Who would’ve thought one such film would go film festivals worldwide.

7. Manu

Irrespective of the result, Manu deserves all the attention and love for it’s attempt to be one of the biggest ever crowd funded Telugu films. Directed and edited by internet sensation Phanindra Narisetti, Manu is a crazy, experimental, pure love story one shouldn’t miss.

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