Exams Cancel Cheyandra Please: Reactions Of Students After ‘Exams In September’ News


To all the students who are waiting with plenty of ashalu for an update of our semester examination… Update aythe vachindi kani University Grants Commission (UGC) mana nippu lanti ashalu medha chilled water challindi..

Exams cancellation gurinchi marchipoyi koncham atu itu ayina parledhu kani september end varaku exams conduct chestham ani detailed ga UGC revised guidelines ni release chesindi…


UGC New Exam Guidelines 2020: Key points…


1. Final Year Examinations to be conducted by the universities/ institutions by end of September


2. Universities/ Institutions may choose any of mode – pen and paper, online or a combinate of both as per the feasibility and suitability


3. Examination is mandatory for the students who have a backlog. Such students must be compulsorily evaluated by conducting examinations in offline, online or blended mode.


4. In case a final year students is unable to appear in the examination for any reason, he/she may be given the opportunity to appear in special examinations for such course/ paper which may be conducted by the university as and when feasible. This is applicable for the current academic session (2019-20) as a one time special measure.


5. Guidelines regarding the intermediate semesters remain the same as per the UGC Exam Guidelines 2020 released on April 29, 2020.


6. If need, relevant details pertaining to the Admissions and Academic Calendar in the universities and colleges shall be issued separately in place of those mentioned in the earlier guidelines.



By this sudden suppai of UGC new guidelines, mana final year students bayam ni bhadalani mix ayi vachina reactions chudham….


Me who thought exams would be cancelled and made water ships with the text book papers….

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That edupu control cheskone moment…

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March lekunda ne direct September exams ki prepare avthunnam ante adhi maa Corona batch 2020 ani ardham….

Make it correct* Nani garu…

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My brother who passed 10th class without even writing exams….

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UGC new guidelines to our final year students….

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10th class vallaki chesaru… Intermediate vallaki kuda chesaru… Mari maake endhuku ila ? Chepuu bobby endhuku ila..?

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Yessss, our hearts are @#£&

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Ika ila edusthe labham ledhu…

Me to that UGC

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Me and my boys decided to trend this topic on social media


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Intha mathraniki endhuku ee trend lu…

Areyy ah delete chesina PDFs anni malli send cheyandra.. Sadhuvukundammmm

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Enthaina edhaina mana batch ki unna daridrame veru… Inko 10 years varaku ayina mana most unluckiest batch edhi ra ante andhariki mana 2020 batch eh gurthosthadi…

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Lets wait and lets study…

Jai corona batch


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