7 Things You MUST Know About Our Telugu New Year – UGADI!


Ugadi is the Telugu New Year as we know it, but little does the young generation know about its significances. Our new year is here again, and it’s time to list out the significant facts about the new year. This is how we have and always will remember Ugadi!

1. It’s when the universe has created

Ugadi, like the name suggests, it’s a beginning of an era. It is believed that The Creator, Brahma made the Universe on this day. Spring, the first of all seasons, where life starts begins with Ugadi.  Yes guys, the world finally have a true new year.

Universe Chai Bisket

2. The Beloved  Ugadi Pacchadi

So where else in the world do we have a recipe, that speaks the significance of life. Ugadi Pacchadi the six different tastes of life: ranging from bitterness, sweetness and sadness to surprise, anger, fear and disgust. Our previous generations must have been true geniuses.

Ugadi Pachadi Chai Bisket

3. Time to see what the New Year has in store for us
This day without fail every Telugu household will be glued to the TV screens reading out the “Panchanga Sravanam”. We people for sure believe in hard work, but what’s wrong in seeing what the new year has in store for us?

Panchanga Sravanam Chai Bisket

4. Not just months, our years have names too
Ugadi might just be the coolest New Year Festival ever. Who needs numbers when you have names!! Wanna know what this year’s called? This year’s called Vilambi btw!

Telugu Years Chai Bisket

5. We share it with a couple of  other States!!!
Do you know, many states celebrate the New Year on this same day.  States of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Manipur and Rajasthan celebrate their New Year on this same day, but with different names.

Wishes Chai Bisket

6. Also celebrated in many countries
Ugadi is so cool, many people of Indonesia, Mauritius and Bali couldn’t resisting celebrate it as their New Year too. Told you, it’s cool.

Ugadi Celebrations Chai Bisket

7. Polish your artistic side:
If you think there’s a poet hidden in you, Ugadi brings with it a host of Kavi Sammelana events, where poets gather to share their work.

Kavi Sammelanam Chai Bisket


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