10 Scenes From Deccanwood Movies That Describe A Typical Hyderabadi!


For anyone who’s new to this city the first thing that comes to mind when they hear the word Hyderabad is “Biryani”. It takes certain amount of time to dwell in for them that it is more than just a biryani and talking about language they sure do face hardship grasping what we mean.

So, we have compelled a few scenes from our movies to give you a glimpse of what truly goes within us.


For all your purchasing, bargaining and selling woes. Nothing beats this.


When someone asks have you ever been to 5 star hotel /Dubai.


Every chindhi potta ever.


Every married Hyderabadi friend of yours


Entry of most of us when we want to show case our Nawabgiri.


This is how we deal with paying bills for bae.


Not all Chai’s are Irani Chai’s


Café’s are our collest hangout spots. This is where most of our convo’s happen.


The way we deal with our enemies!! SWAG UNLIMITED.


Mallika Sherawat is head over heels for our Saleem Bhai.


And Finally The baap of all introductions. This is us when someone asks our name.


And here’s for your dose of laughter if you want to have a binge watch on these funny clips.


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