Email Thippalu: Types Of Email Users & The Struggles We Go Through

Contributed By Divya Vattikuti

Mana andaram day to day life lo mail use chestune untaam.. Online class link daggara nunchi, job kosam CV pampe varaku anni situations lo manam mail use chestune untaam.. Okkokaridi okko style of using mail.   So let us see how different people use mail.

  1.  The well professional

Respected Sir/ Madam,  daggara nunchi Regards, peru, phone number tho saha anni details tho well framed mails pamputhaaru veellu.

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2. Unprofessional

Veellaki matter convey cheyyadam maatrame important.  Subject, ooru, peru lekunda just document okkati attach chesi pampestu untaaro. Aa document tho em cheyyalo ardham kaadu mail receive chesukune vaadiki.

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3. The one who keeps Deleting mails

Veellu entha organized ante, vacchina prathi mail ni important kaakapothe delete chesestaaru. Delete cheyyakapothe storage full aypotademo annatto.

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4. Skimmer

Veellu mail ni mottham chadavaru, just ala skim chestaaru. Tarvaata aa mail lo unna content gurinchi adigithe, ayyo nenu check cheyyale mail ani explaination istaaru.

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5. Super user

Vacchina very mail ni ventane chadivi reply istaaru. Mails check chesukovadam is their daily task.

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6. Non user

Super users ki opposite kuda untaaru kontha mandhi, mails check chesukovadam annadhi veella habbitey kaadhu.

7. The Ghoster

Veellaki anni mails vastu untaayi, Anni mails chustaaru, Kaani ae mail ni pattinchukoru. Vaallani cc lo pettina kuda reply ivvaru.

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8. The mistake maker

Veellu mail pampina almost everytime dhoka mistake chestaaru. Wrong person ni mail lo include cheyyadam, please find attached ani cheppi,  file include cheyyakapovadam. Ala mistake chesina prati saari inko mail vastadhi. Sorry for the earlier mail, ignore that ani.

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9. Absent minded

Mail pampinchaam anukuntaaru, kaani send button click cheyyadam marchipotaaruu. Draft lo unchi mail pampesaam anukuntaaru. 

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Veetilo what is your way of using mail? Memu ivem kaadhu inko rakam antaara?

Let us know in the comments.

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