15 Mosht Relatable Tweets That Every Telugu Ammayi Will Relate Her Heart Out To

My dear ammayilu.. Instagram lo Girl Formula page ni miru follow avthu, akkada upload ayye content ni daily consume chesthu untey… you’ll be familiar with the tweet posts that get onto the page every day. These tweet posts are generally us girls dropping truth bombs about girls, our issues, our likes, and dislikes. Since this page is just for us women, we thought why not share a few of those thoughts of ours with the guys as well. Alaaa chusi, relate avthu, connect avthu, ‘oo ila kuda untadaa’ ani shock avvandi.

Inka chaalaa unnayi andi lopala.. Dachaledu. Ammayilu can enjoy the content anytime. Inkenduku latee? Go and follow our Girl Formula on Instagram right away. You won’t regret it.

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