18 Telugu Serial Title Tracks That Will Take You On A Trip Down The Memory Lane!


Before technology took over, between coming home from playing outside and going to bed, TV kept us engaged. And without knowing when, it did somehow become an in-erasable part of our memories.

Here are some title tracks of TV shows that we felt stayed with us after all these years. We bet you’ll sing along at least a few of these songs as you go through them!

1. Amrutham: It might seem like it hasn’t been too long but get this: Amrutham stopped airing 8 years ago. Feel old yet?

2. Ruthuragalu: This could possibly be one of the pioneers in the league of soul-touching title tracks.

3. Nanna (Amma Cheppindi): This one briefly became a much-adored lullaby.

4. Priyanka (Amma Antu): Somehow, even after so long the lyrics played perfectly in the head. True Story.


5. Anveshitha: If a melody could spook you to your spine, it has to be this one.

6. Ammamma.com: In the times of monsterly mother-in-laws taking over small screen this one was a breath of fresh air.

7. Lady Detective: Yeah, it is kind of tacky but you can’t deny it’s catchy as hell.

8. Antharangalu: This serial, and the song, defined the meaning of melodramatic. But in a good way.

9. Pinni: Though it’s a dubbed serial, this one is close to many Telugu people’s heart. That title song though!!

10. Mogalirekulu : With some catchy rap, this song stays unique with its beat.

11. Chakravakam : This song is surely a melodious magic.

12. Vidhi : This song and its lyrics are too intense. Even the actions of the actors in the title.

13. Endamavulu : This is one of the long run serial in Telugu TV history.

14. Chi.La.Sow. Sravanthi : Soothy song in the voice of RP Patnaiks sir. No one can match him in delivering the pain through the song. One can feel it.

15. Shanthi Nivasam : Directed by Rajamouli, this serial has introduced many young talents.

16. Laya : Every serial from Just Yellow production is unique in its own style. Gangaraju sir keeps it simple, clean,pleasant and gripping.

17. Muddhu bidda : Actor Prabhakars directorial venture.

18. Padmavyuham : You can feel the vibes listening to this.

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