Telangana Govt Launches An Exclusive Online Ticketing Portal For All Cinema Halls In The State!


People in Telangana now have a new online ticketing portal. Named, the portal is developed by Telangana State Film Development Corporation (TSFDC) and was recently launched by State Cinematography Minister T.Srinivas Yadav – for all the cinema halls in the state.

The portal is intended for the use of CINEMA HALLS (for Box-Office Sales), PRODUCERS & DISTRIBUTORS (for reports), Online Ticketing Websites (to be linked for ticketing data), TSFDC & GOVT. Officials (for reports & verification).
Besides that, the portal will also work as a gateway for cinema halls ticketing data for sales at Box-Offices & on Online Ticketing Websites. The website says “THIS PORTAL IS NOT FOR CUSTOMERS / CINEGOERS TO BUY TICKETS FROM, YET. THIS WILL WORK AS A MIDDLE-WARE ONLY”. It helps in providing accurate data and transparency regarding the sale of tickets and tax collection as per the GST regime. It also includes an online system of giving permissions for shootings through another single window. As per the press release, all permissions would be given in seven days and will be deemed if not given in seven days.

This online registration for theatres and multiplexes began on Saturday. The government urged all the theatres to register as early as possible to quickly start operations. Currently this is optional but will soon be made mandatory. It is being said that the government wants to take steps in such a way so as to stop issuing manual tickets through ticket counter down the lane. Though we have many private ticket booking portals, they collect a fee of Rs.10 per ticket, which will be shared between the agencies and exhibitors. But this government portal will collect Rs.6 as fee per ticket in which Rs.2 will go for TSFDC and Rs.4 to the exhibiter. The complaints on tax evasion will also be kept under check through this portal.


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