Here’s What Television Ratings(TRP’s) Stand For- Which Are Used To Measure Viewership Of Channels!


Most of you might be wondering what this “TRP” fuss is about. Recently, the TRP ratings of all the prominent shows in our telugu channels were released. And as usual, the social media was flooded with all the TRP numbers comparing with other shows. But what exactly is this TRP and how is it calculated? What do these TRP numbers mean actually?

TRP or also known as “Television Rating Point” is the tool that measures and records the average number of viewers for a duration of 30 days. In India, a separate agency called Broadcasters Audience Research Council (BARC) established by Indian Broadcasting Foundation (IBF), a non-profit body of the Association of Advertising Agencies of India (AAAI) and Indian Society of Advertisers (ISA) monitors this rating.

This is how TRP is calculated:
Frequency Monitoring Method:
To calculate the ratings a device is attached to the TV set in a few thousand houses for measuring and recording. These numbers are treated as a sample from the overall TV owners in different geographical and demographic locations. The device is called as People’s Meter (an electronic device that automatically records the frequency of channels watched). The projections recorded in the attached device are retrieved and later decoded into channel names and a national viewership rating is generated which is called as TRP.

TRPs = Reach among target audience (%) x Average frequency

Picture Monitoring Technique (PMT):

In this method, a specific signal is transmitted along with video signals with the help of satellite channels. These signals are transmitted at particular intervals. Every channel signal is decoded at the TAM(Telivision Audience Measurement) station and the TRPs are generated.

Here is the rating of the top 5 viewed programs in Telugu channels.

But what is the use of these TRP numbers?
1.The results are used by brands and marketing agencies to place their advertisements in popular channels among the audience.
2.Also, helps the channels to plan their show timings accordingly.
3.Helps to analyse and interpret user data which can be used in calculating the life style and other necessary aspects of common citizens.
4.Doordarshan uses a separate rating system called DART (Doordarshan Audience Ratings) in which the data is collected personally from a larger number of houses on weekly basis.

Source: BARC


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