You Should Definitely Read This Diehard Fan’s Tribute To The Uncrowned King Of TFI – Trivikram!

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Trivikram Srinivas, the name that needs no introduction.

Trivikram Srinivas, He… who is now a part of Telugu legacy.

Trivikram Srinivas, the name which has cult following equivalent to most of our top heroes. And why is this? Because frankly I think, HE is the real hero.

His dialogues are so inspirational that no wonder, everybody calls him ‘Guruji’. His movies live inside you… His dialogues stay with you. You start talking in that style. His style of dialogs has become so popular that, “Prathoduu punchulu esesthunadu…”

His love for Telugu language makes him more admirable, the way he talks at those audio functions, leaves you asking for more. Don’t tell me you’ve not seen his speech about Siri Vennela SeethaRama Sastry Garu and did not have your mind blown. His movies never bore you. At any given time those  gloomy Sundays become a lot more fun just because Athadu is airing for the 7,895th time on Maa TV.

And don’t tell me you did not have this conversation at home…

“Channel change cheyaku, Brahmanandam osthadu ipudu…” only because you were watching Athadu, or Malleshwari or Khaleja or Nuvvu Naku Nachav or Manmadhudu or Jalsa or Julayi or Atharintiki Daredhi, that’s not even his entire filmography!! The repeat value of these movies is mind-blowing, you know the next twist, you know the next scene… you know the next song… you know the next dialog… you even when know when those stupid ads will start and end… and YET you still watch it till the end… Why?? Because, TRIVIKRAM SRINIVAS. This guy is pure legend. The best way to describe those never ending awesome nostalgic moments every time you watch his movies can be described in this single line I guess, which I’ve read on a fan blog.

Amma, Aavakaya, Trivikram… marchipovadam antha easy kadhu…”

If the world was to end tomorrow I might as well keep watching Athadu while dying. Because… Hit Me Hard Yaa..!!

Now why did I write all this? Well frankly his next movie Son of Satyamurthy is releasing and I’m so pumped and excited! And I’ve decide to refresh my memories on a few of Guruji’s masterpieces!!

Nuvve Nuvve : Tarun , Sunil and MS gari Annavaram episode, Prakash Raj and Sreya’s father-daughter relationship, Tarun and Chandramohan’s father-son relationship, that dialogue war between Tarun & Prakash Raj to name a few are the most memorable elements of this movie!! Especially those lines of  Prakash Raj… “Inko padhi markulu vesi nanna ni pass cheyichalekapoyava amma??”, these show the pen power of Guruji!!

Nuvvu Naku Nachav: Released in 2001, this movie is still universally relevant and particularly emphasizes on friendship… Listening to those conversations between Prakash Raj and ChandraMohan only show a glimpseat how pure friendship is and how intelligent Trivikram is in getting that point across to the audience at large!!

Manmadhudu: Every dialogue in this movie is pure class. The story especially leaves you awestruck and those dialogs of Tanikella Bharani, “Vadi kopam pralayam… vadi prema samudhram… vadi jaali varsham…” are outstanding. And if you thought that intense hospital scene was the peak… the revelation about Mahi in the second also gets you every time. There is nothing wrong in saying that this movie is a testament for Trivikram’s writing.

Athadu: You know what this movie is and why it has a special place in your heart. I’m literally out of words to describe the awesomeness of listening to those dialogs over and over and over again!! Kota garu says “Rey okati rendu kadhu ra. Kotinnaraa… Lekketanike oh rojattindhi!”; we know you’ve read it in his voice. The ability to use the acting prowess of legendary actors shows the true skill of a director and Guruji is the Principal of that school… college… and university.

Jalsa: Power Star’s movie with an awesome monologue of Super Star is instant GOLD. This movie has so many layers to it; the character is etched into the story so well, that you run, you walk, you laugh, and you cry with Sanjay Sahu every time you watch this movie. That interval sequence… and the intensity of those dialogs only reveal the true depth of Guruji’s perspective. Jalsa is one of those few movies where we can take pride and say “Idhi ra Telugu cinema ante…”.

Khaleja: No, this is not a flop. No, this is not a box office disaster. And no, this is not bakwaas… I won’t even hesitate for a milli-second to add this to the “Idhi ra telugu cinema ante!” list… Only after watching this movie you realize how gifted we are to have Guruji born as a Telugu speaking Indian. The opening of the title card has 3 words written “Devoo Manushya Rupenaa”; only after watching the movie you can understand its true sense, and you question yourself  “Intha kiraak cinema etla flop ayindhi ra babuu…??

Fun Fact: Watch the Khaleja press meet video and have your mind blown again by realizing the amount of  command Guruji has on our mythology. Trivikram sir, if you are reading this… Please make a Magadheera-Baahubali style mythological movie, and thank us later. Because it will definitely shatter every existing record. Yours sincerely – Everyone.

S/o Satyamurthy: Asalu ee cinema lo father gurinchi cheppinattu chala thakkuva cinemallo cheppuntaru. Ee commercial pantha lo velthune oka vilivala tho kudina cinema teesaru Guruji. Allu chetha cheyinchina acting…theater lo chala mandini edipinchesindi!


On this note, let’s wish best of luck to our Trivikram (although he doesn’t need one..) for his future projects. Let’s wish he makes more and more memorable blockbusters

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