Does ‘Trinetra’ From Goodachari Exist In Real Life?


OK so you’ve watched Goodachari, right? And loved the entire premise, setup, and concept of ‘Trinetra‘, Our country’s secret spy organization. But have you ever wondered that if any of it that’s showed in the movie in the name of ‘Trinetra’ is real or not?

Well, I wondered, did some research and found out some interesting things. But before you continue to read, although this article won’t reveal or spoil anything about the movie, we suggest you to read it only if you’ve watched the movie. So yeah, kind of Spoiler Alert.

First of all, What is Trinetra?

As told in the movie, in Trinetra director’s exact words, ‘RAW India lo function avvadhu, IB India dhaati vellaledhu, Trinetra ekkadikaina velthundhi.

Which means, Trinetra is a small undercover secret organization that exists (but doesn’t). They have all the permissions and no limitations. From what is shown in the movie, A bunch of candidates are shortlisted and trained for any kind of survival combat they might face.

What exactly does it do?

Again, without speculating anything, as said in Trinetra Director’s own words, they are supposed to Infiltrate, Investigate & Inform. The 3 I’s, 3 Netra (Mm, I see what you did there).

Everything looks so uber cool and slick, right? But does all this stuff actually happen in real life too?

Coming back to the question where it all started, Does ‘Trinetra’ actually exist in real life?

NOPE. There is no such Secret organization in India as ‘Trinetra’. Everything that’s showed in the movie is a brilliant work of fiction. (Yep, the 3 I’s part too). None of it exists in real life. We all know that RAW (Research & Analysis Wing) is one the of most powerful and famous Intelligent services around the world. There are several other organizations that work under/for RAW. According to Wikipedia, there are 31 ‘Indian Intelligence Agencies‘ that exist and ‘Trinetra’ isn’t one of them.

But but but, there’s an interesting catch here. If the whole concept of Trinetra is to operate completely as a secret. The very existence of Trinetra is also a secret that’s hidden from the world.

Confused? Let me make it easier for you:

The ones who get shortlisted and selected are the ones who haven’t actually applied for ‘Trinetra’ specifically (they are the ones who’ve applied for RAW, CBI, and other publicly known intelligence agencies). Because they don’t know that ‘Trinetra’ exists.

In fact, nobody (The common people or the Secret agencies of other countries) should know that it exists. Soooo, Every country has some organization that works completely anonymously (In India’s case, these organizations work under the name of RAW inside India, and in the name of CBI inside India), so that their identities do not get revealed.

So technically, An organization that’s exactly named ‘Trinetra’ doesn’t exist in real life. But there are some organizations (anonymous) that continuously risk their lives and work for our country. Interesting, right?

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