Tree City Tag For Hyderabad: The Only City In India To Get This Great Honour

Hyderabad katha lo inkoti..! Now its time to appreciate our Telangana social forestation efforts, last konni years nunchi manam chesthunna plantation ki global level lo ippudu recognition vachindi.

Arbor Day Foundation jointly with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Organization. have recognized Hyderabad as a 2020 Tree City of World, and select chesina world lo ni 51 cities lo mana India nunchi select ayina only city mana Hyderabad.

Ee foundation vallu 2 years nunchi world lo unna anni major cities ni chusthu select chesthunnaru, ala 23 countries lo nunchi 120 cities ni select chesaru, ee 2020 lo ne 51 cities select chesaru (including Hyderabad from India).

The recognition stands Hyderabad alongside 120 cities from 23 countries, including developed nations such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia and others.

Arbor Day Foundation president Dan Lambe said: “Hyderabad was part of an important global network leading the way in urban and community forestry, appreciating Hyderabad’s commitment to effective urban forest management “

They select the cities for their commitment to growing and maintaining urban forests. Cities eligible ayi Tree city category lo select kadaniki ee 5 standards undali, appude foundation vallu consider chestharu..

The 5 standards are.

1. Establish Responsibility (a written statement by city leaders delegating responsibility for care of trees)

2. Set the Rules (a law or an official policy that governs the management of forests and trees)

3. Know What You Have (an updated inventory or assessment of the local tree resource)

4. Allocate the Resources (a dedicated annual budget for routine implementation of tree management plan)

5. Celebrate Achievements (an annual celebration of trees to raise awareness).

Municipal and Urban Development Department mana Hyderabad city ah 5 standards ki reach avthundi ani ee year January 31st ki online lo Tree City category request kosam submit chesaru, ippudu recognition and Tree City ga select kadaniki reason kuda mana Telangana ku Haritha Haram programme ane annaru..

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