Add A ‘0’ Before Dialing A Mobile Phone Number, Says TRAI & Here’s Why


The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) valla stakeholders inputs and suggestions anni thiskuni recent ga konni recommendations release chesindi, vaatilo manam vade M2M connections nunchi intlo unde landline dialing dhaka konni important changes notice chesindi….



Land line nunchi mobile phones ki dial chesetappudu number ki mundhu “0” add chese dial cheyali, at present direct ga ne mobile phones ki access cheyochu but TRAI latest recommendations enti ante, manam land line nunchi inter service areas ki dial chese tappudu ela aythe mundhu “0” add chesi dial chesthunnamo alane ippudu mana service areas lo kuda “0” add chese dial cheyali ani…..

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And ee changes only land line nunchi mobile phones ki mathrame, there won’t be any change in dialling landline to landline, mobile to landline, or mobile to mobile calls.

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Ee dialing pattern change valla kothaga 2544 million additional numbering resources available loki vasthayi, mana future requirements ki chala use avthai…

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4. Sim based M2M connection numbering

Mobile numbers allotted for dongles to be shifted to 13 digits

Ippudu unna dongles and data cards inka chala devices ki mana mobile numbers lagane 10 digit numbering scheme undi, so ippudu vaatini 13 digits numbering ga change chestharu….

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Devices kosame vade numbering ni ila 10 digit nunchi 13 digit scheme ki marchadam valla chala varaku calling usage ki unna numbers ni save cheyochu, and manam devices kosam vade numbers ni calling kosam vade numbers ni ippudu easy ga identify cheyochu…

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TRAI has mentioned that India already has about 1.2 billion telephone numbers, with a tele-density of 87.47 percent, ippatike india lo mobile usage chala perigindi, future lo kuda chala varaku perege chance unnayi…

Ee changes anni kuda future lo mana usage ki thaggatu number resources availability lo undali ane TRAI ee recommendations anni chesindi….

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Moving fixed line numbers to a sub-level of “2” or “4” – Since some operators in the past offered landline connections to users with numbers starting from “3”, “5”, and “6” numeric that are no longer in service, TRAI has recommended to move the underutilised fixed line numbers to a sub-level of “2” or “4”. This will allow mobile operators to use the underutilised numbers for mobile phone connections in the future.

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Note: Ippudu manam vaduthunna 10 digit numbering scheme ki eh ibhandi undadhu, only landline nunchi mobiles ki chese vallu mathrame “0” ni add chesi dial cheyali…


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