Tracing The Origins Of The Chalukya Dynasty Reveals Pretty Interesting Facts!


The story about the birth of Visnuvardhana was pointed out by Mr. Ramayya who narrowed the theory of his birth in a small village of Peddamudiyam. Who was Visnuvardhana? Well he was the one credited to be the founder of the Chalukyan Empire. The hypothesis is however debatable among the archaeological community. The question is what led them to believe that this place was in reality the birth place of the creator of the Chalukyan kingship Visnuvardhana? This is how the story begins. Long Long time ago, there was a prince called Vijayaditya in the city of Ayodhya. He was supposedly from the line of Chandravanshis and a descendant of the blood line of Arjuna.

In order to conquer more land and newer territories Vijayaditya left his home in Ayodhya and came to the southern part of the country. As he passed on the adventure of Dakshinapatha, conquering new territory, he fought the Pallava king Mukkanti. In the battle with King Mukkanti, Vijayaditya lost and it resulted in his death. The queen of Vijayaditya was at that time pregnant and it was wise for her to not fall into the hands of enemy. So with the help of the minister’s and purohits she runs away and seeks shelter elsewhere. It was finally a Brahmin called Vishnubhatta Somayajin who sheltered her in his agrahara and treated her like his own daughter. It is in this agrahara where she gave birth to a baby boy. The Brahmin named the son Vishnuvardhana. When the boy grew up, his mother told him about his father and about his ancestry. Vishnuvardhana decided to finish the unfinished work of his father and proceeded to the hill called Chalukya hill.

Vishnuvardhana on the Chalukya hill made penance to please the gods. By the will of gods, Vishnuvardhana gathered a large army. He marched with that army to the region of Kadambas and Gangas. It is said that when Vishnuvardhana was done conquering, his territory stretched from Narmada to the Ramsethu.

It was Mr. Ramayya who pointed out that in the temple of Mukkantisvara, was the old inscription in Kannada which describes the name of the village Mudivemu and records that it was at the same place where the agraharam of Brahmins was found which was said to be the lotus tank to the birth of the sun that was king Vishnuvardhana.


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