This Frustrating Story About A Farmer Not Finding A Proper Buyer For His Crop Is Exactly What’s Wrong With This Country!


Contributed By Sai Kishore Yagnamurthy


I don’t know how many of you actually know about this story. This is about a farmer from Anantapur region who left all his yield on the streets since he was not able to get the most minimal cost which is Rs 3 for a kilo from a commercial center in Hyderabad. But I figure everybody is paying more than twofold the cost for the same.



In the event that there was a medium where he can sell the Tomatoes directly or any method through which he can store them, both farmer and the consumer won’t endure. We are in the era where we can store and stop the wastage of food which is cooked. There ought to be an approach to store the raw vegetables and fruits. And what we have to do as literates is to simply assist the agriculturists in teaching them to store their harvest when they are not getting a base cost. When a farmer is the one toiling hard for his yield why should somebody else choose the cost for his crop?



What’s more tragic is, the farmer is not the one getting profits from the crop. Commercial centers are earning profits. consumers are paying progressively and the farmer is getting less. So the layer between these two is in a sheltered zone where if the demand is more he will get more benefits and if the demand is less farmer will endure the misfortunes. On the off chance that he is getting benefits, in any event, he ought to have the ability to hold up under the misfortune which he is not prepared to do. Furthermore, farmer despite the fact that he is not fit for overseeing misfortunes is enduring. The after-effect of this is that numerous farmers are accruing lakhs of rupees as loans and numerous agriculturists are committing suicide.



If we can figure out how to make cultivating safe and teach the farmers to follow certain methods where they will suffer fewer misfortunes. We can see more farmers in future. Else, a few years down the line there will be fewer individuals cultivating and more devouring. In Most of the villages, next generations of the farmer’s families have already moved to towns and cities. The farmer who loves to harvest are still harvesting. If this continues all the villages are going to be emptied and will be left with old people.



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