A Rant On Why Tollywood Songs Are The Reason For Sexual Harassment.

Hi! Rant time!

So I’m a huge Tolywood buff. I love Telugu songs. Singing and listening, both. And when you love music you can’t help but pay attention to the lyrics. And being a sensible human being, some lyrics that we hear don’t make any sense whatsoever, most of the time. But hey! I have no issues with those… Because even if they don’t mean well, at least they don’t mean crap.

Now because the list of item numbers in Tollywood that objectifies women is way too frigging long. I’m gonna just stick to songs from the top of my mind. These are some pretty famous songs that have peeved me forever. Be it their projection of women or their way of making harassment heroic.

1. Pilla Chao: Soooo… if this girl doesn’t love you… she should die. Is that what goes through the mind of men who throw acid after getting rejected? Just asking.

pilla chao

2. Veyira Cheyyi Veyira: Ok, conceptually this is about a hooker being seductive. No complains on that. But I have reasons to believe that a lot of people take it for granted that this is what every woman in the world wants. No. You’ll get arrested. Stop it.


3. Ippatikinka Na Vayasu Ninda Padahare: Two words. Child Abuse.


4. Ninne Ninne: I’ll be honest. If any guy (even if he looks as good as Allu Arjun) would behave like this with me, I would call the police. No sh*t.


5. Poovai Poovai: No one agrees with me, but in my understanding, basically this one is a song that speaks of the actual anxiety women face: being hit on by literally everyone. And somehow that is entertaining and sexy. F*ck logic.


6. Chupinchande: When I heard this song, the first thought that came to mind was “Great! Now there’s another hit song that jerks on the street can use to catcall. Excellent!” If this isn’t romanticizing harassment, then I don’t know what is.


Before everyone jumps to the conclusion that I’m a crazy bitter feminist who cannot appreciate the finer things in life, I enjoy music just as much as any of you, item songs included. But they can be written tastefully too. This item number in Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum is one such song, that despite itself sticks to the facts and reality of life.

Ballari bava: “Sokantha eravesi kirrekkinche kora kanchulu
Nee vedi sallaraka gurthundedevaru
Bisileri bottle la aadolla andalu
Laagesi isirestharu teeraka thapalu”

Disclaimer: This is a personal viewpoint of someone who is irked by some of these lyrics enough to make this post. All artistic freedom is accepted and appreciated only as long as it doesn’t glorify, encourage, endorse or manifest into harassment even as a subtext. Please keep it classy. Peace!

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