What If… Our Tollywood Heroines Were Disney Princesses?!

Our heroines are so angelic and beautiful that we frequently compare them with princesses… So what if we compare them with our favourite Disney princesses?? Let’s take a look!
1. Tamannah Bhatia as Snow White: Tamannah, with lips as red as a rose and skin as white as snow, perfectly fits in as Snow White.
2. Shriya Saran as Cinderella: Doesn’t she exactly resemble the dancing princess with the glass slippers?

3. Anushka Shetty as Jasmine: Jasmine from Aladdin is so brave that she has a tiger as a pet. That’s why we have Anushka (our Devasena) as our TFI’s Jasmine.
4. Shruti Hassan as Belle from Beauty & The Beast: Shruti Hassan with her princess-like beauty and elegance fits right in as Belle from Beauty & The Beast.
5. Genelia as Tinker Bell: Who is the one heroine in TFI who is feisty, childish, cute and crazy like Tinker Bell? That’s right, Geneliaaa…
6. Samantha as Sleeping Beauty: Samantha cheppinattuga tanaki ishtamaina rende rendintilo okati padukovadam…
7. Praneetha as Rapunzel: Praneetha is Rapunzel because of those big eyes and lovely hair.
8. Avika Gor as Merida from Brave: Both are witty, impulsive, loud and stubborn. Can you ignore that long curly hair?
9&10. Kaajal and Sindhu as Anna and Elsa: And finally the cutest sisters from Chandamama as Anna & Elsa from Frozen. This fits so perfectly that I don’t need to give any reason at all.
So, this was the list of our TFI heroines as Disney princesses. If I have missed any and you think of any resemblance with other Disney princesses please put it in the comments.

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