9 Tollywood Flicks You Never Saw The End Coming!

Some movies stun us right there, at the end, and make us gape in awe at the sheer brilliance of the filmmaker. This is a list of all such twist endings that had us outsmarted!

1. Pokiri


We were left with no option but to start the list off with this cult flick. Probably the only movie in the world of Telugu Cinema to owe half of its success to the epic twist right at the end. The audience were stunned, fans were left spell-bound, and the records were shattered thanks to Krishna Manohar IPS standing up.
P.S: The run Mahesh Babu ran right at the end revealing his identity might just be the run of his life.

Pokiri - Chai Bisket

2. Mavi Chiguru


Just when we we start taking sides with Jagapathi Babu in the end, the dramatic twist will surely make us root for Aamini. Tears guaranteed, this twist just vindicates the entire drama sequence surrounding the lead trio.

Mavichiguru - Chai Bisket

3. Swayamvaram


It isn’t only for the chartbuster ‘Galivanalo’ you will remember this movie. It will also be for the unconventional ending the film has in sore for the audience. Dasari leaves the world and makes sure this flicks stays for eternity. It also advocates that justice of woman is more important than religious fundamentals.

Swayamvaram - Chai Bisket

4. Alludugaru


When everything seems to be ending well, the story takes an drastic turn of events with Mohan Babu riding back to prison, where execution awaits him. Make sure you have your hand kerchiefs with you, as you will never see this coming.

Alludugaru - Chai Bisket

5. Prasthanam


Prasthanam would have only been a cult hit. But thanks to the epic twist in the end, it turned out to be a classic. Underneath every saint lies a devil. The punchlines from Sai Kumar at the end perfectly showcase the dark side of every individual.

Prasthanam - Chai Bisket

6. Missamma


Just when you think it all ended well, it just doesn’t. The sadistic boss has reasons only she knew off, and makes sure you agree with all that happened. The ending twist is a perfect tribute to the ever dominant tale of Missamma.


Missamma - Chai Bisket

7. Anukokunda Oka Roju


One night without a clue and an ordinary girl’s world turns upside down. And you will have no clue about what’s to be revealed at the end. Chandra Sekhar Yeleti crafts the climax to perfection.

Anukokundaa Oka Roju

8. Temper


What happens when a conventional hardcore script gets a unconventional novel ending? Simple. GOOSEBUMPS. The end stands right there as one of the best court sequences ever in the world of Telugu Cinema. NTR, as always, takes it to a whole another level with sheer brilliance.

Temper - chai bisket

9. Baahubali

After watching an Epic battle, we were left stunned by the climax, which was totally unexpected. “Why Kattappa killed Baahubali?” became a running gag on social media, and it’s surely a brilliant way to pull the crowds to theatres for the second part!


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