These Character Describing Posters Of Your Favorite Roles In Tollywood Are Bang On!


Every Friday chala movies release avthayi.. konni hit avthayi, konni manchiga aadavu.. But still konni charecters matram result tho sambandham lekunda manalni baga impact chesthayi. Konni characters chuste manalane unnayi anipisthundi, konni characters chuste ila undali ra anipisthundi. Characters vati charecterisations and the way the actors potray it give us that impact. So this article is all about such characters and its characterstic which made us fall in love with it. General ga ilanti potraits MARVEL, DC comics characters ki chustam. Lets see the same for our telugu characters. Emmana suggestions and inka emanna add ons unte do suggest us in the comments.

1. Arjun Reddy – Arjun Reddy


2. Daya – Temper


3. Bhallaladeva – Baahubali


4. Baahubali – Baahubali


5. Bhaagmathie – Bhaagmathie


6. Harsha – Srimanthudu


7. Prashanth – Pelli Choopulu


8. Dhruva – Dhruva


9. Kali – Awe


10. Lucky – Bhale Bhale Magadivoy


11. Bairavudu – Spyder


Designs by Siva Narisetty


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