Stand With AP: Here Are All The Celebrities Who Reacted Fast For Titli Relief Fund


Konni rojulu back, ‘Titli’ perutho oka cyclone Andhra and Orissa coast ni taakindhi. The effect of the cyclone was so bad that most of the areas in Srikakulam district were devastated. 8 deaths reported, 30,000 acres of land damaged, Power was cut down to more than 4500 villages.

Many people lost their homes, property, and livelihood. Srikakulam ante, manaki eppudu gurthu vachedi aa telugu yaasa and akkada unde swachamaina prakruthi, manushulu. Ippudu akkada chala mandhi prajalaki undadaniki illulu kuda leni paristithi.


Mana desam lo ey calamity/disaster jarigina, saayam cheyyadaniki mundhu undedhi mana cine celebrities ey. Alaney, ‘Titli’ valla devastate aipoina Srikakulam district ni malli thirigi rebuild cheyyadaniki mana Telugu celebrities mundhuku vacharu. Kevalam dabbu sayame kakunda evariki tochindhi varu chesaru, inka chesthune unnaru kuda…


1. Be it any aocial issue, the first celebrity to respond is Sampoornesh Babu. Aayanaki chethanainantha sahayam chestharu. Alagey he donated 50 thousand rupees to CM distress relief fund.


2. Vijay Deverakonda announced 5 lakhs to AP CM distress relief fund and asked everyone to donate their part.


3. Director Anil Ravipudi responded to Vijay’s request and donated 1 lakh rupees.


4. Manchu Manoj promised to adopt all the cyclone-affected children and give proper education to them.


5. Navdeep was not in town but he made sure that the aids are reached to the needy through his team.


6. NTR Jrdonated 15 lakhs and Nandamuri Kalyan Ram donated 5 lakhs to the CM distress relief fund.


7. Varun Tej responded and donated his part


8. Nikhil Siddharth is visiting the affected areas & helping out the locals.


To everyone who wants to donate their part to the Srikakulam cyclone relief, you can transfer the amount to the below-mentioned account.


Monna Kerala lo floods vasthe, manam antha okati ayyi entho sayam chesam and enno funds pampincham Kerala distress relief fund ki. Not, it is time to stand for our own Srikakulam and do our part. People of Srikakulam need our support and we need to stand with them.


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