10 Simple Yet Amazing Tips For Beginners In Smart Phone Photography


The best thing that happened to the photography world is these wonderful smart phone cameras📱. Smart phones with amazing cameras are really a revolution in this field. Of course, we cannot compare the smart phone photography with DSLR photography, but this is easy and accessible for most of us.

Why smart phone photography?
You always can’t carry a Camera (DSLR) with you. By the time you take out your camera, switch it on and frame it, that particular moment can be lost.

But do you need those premium mobiles to click?
Yes, it depends on the camera. But it only helps you to an extent.
The mobile which you can afford, and which is in your pocket right now is the best you can deal with. So, do the best with it.

Note: These tips are primarily for beginners. Experts in the photography field can add you inputs in the comments section.


1. Golden hours
I believe most of the photographer’s journey starts with those beautiful sunrise and sunset pictures. Golden hours are nothing but the hours before sunrise and sunset. Sky will be magical in these hours. So, make the best advantage of this and you will slowly start falling in love.


2. Patterns & Monochromes
Understand the patterns and make your picture look symmetrical. Enable Grid lines in the camera and bring that perfect frame. Monochromes – Any picture in black & white looks great. Try to master these two.


3. Perception
Everyone will click those regular boring pictures. The thing is to bring your point of view/perspective in to the picture. So, capture the scene/frame from different angles and add a subject (people/pets) to your landscape images.


4. Focus & playing with settings
Focusing on the subject is the least expectation. If you open your camera and just click, that’s not the way. You should focus on the subject, play with your settings and then click. So, start with manual mode to understand things better. And use portrait mode in the best possible way.


5. Patience & Timing
For any photographer, timing is the key. Sometimes, you need to wait for so long to capture that one perfect frame. So be patient and keep on clicking.


6. Burst shots
Obviously, our smart phone camera will take it’s time to click the picture. But in that one second gap, the moment may be lost. So for some action images & moving subjects, go for the burst shots or continuous shots.


7. Experiment
If you want to click a light trial, you need reduce your shutter speed and capture that particular photo for more number of seconds. Some of you might have understood what I have said above and some of you wouldn’t. So, keep on learning with different settings.


8. Edit or Post Processing
This is very important. Under and over edits will destroy the image. You should know where to stop. The amount of editing you do to the pictures defines how good you are at photography. Best mobile editing apps as per my knowledge: Snapseed, Lightroom, VSCO.


9. Add-ons
Once you feel that you are doing good, go for some add-ons. You can buy a tripod, Macro/Wide angle/Fish eye lens and start experimenting.


10. Keep clicking daily
Whenever possible, wherever you are – Keep on clicking and experimenting. Get in to the streets, try to capture the real emotion.
Remember, there is a saying: “The first 10000 pictures of a photographer are always the worst”.


Watch, meet people & learn. You have thousands of videos/tutorials/articles available online to master. All the above pictures are shot by me on my mobile. Get in touch if you have any queries or inputs. Hope you got at least one key take away, now go and capture some amazing frames.
We will meet again with some of the best photographers from Telugu states. Feel free to add more inputs in comments section.


If you wish to contribute, mail us at admin@chaibisket.com


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