Best Tiktoks Of 2019 That Show The Other Side Of The App


TikTok gurinchi, aa app lo jarige racha gurinchi separate ga cheppakarledu. Ee app valla tama talent ni tama uniqueness ni portray cheskune chance pratokkariki undhi. Okka video within days konni sarlu within minutes lo viral aypothundi TikTok lo. Sarigga use cheskovale gaani TikTok is the best platform to showcase your talent. Ee year TikTok, Tana app lo ni top videos ni 10 categories ga divide chesi prati category lo top 10 videos ni select chesi aa list ni release chesindi. Aa categories enti aa category loni top video enti.. Let’s have a look.


1. Top Viral Video
David Dobrik and Nick Uhas’ crazy take on Elephant Toothpaste.


2. Top Meme Video


3. Top Artist
Lil Nas X


4. Top Celebrity on TikTok
Will Smith


5. Top Breakout Creator
Zach King


6. Top Dance Trend
The Woah


7. Top Creative Effect
Face Zoom


8. Top Pet and Animal Video


9. Top Beauty & Style Video
Checkered clown check


10. Top Sports Highlight
Donating your phone to frisbee parkour


Ee categrories lo remaining top tik tok video ni chudalante, Click here for the full article.


Ee list ni chusthe manaku ardamayyedi, avvalsindi okkate, TikTok use chesevallabatte aa app worth untundi. So, Aa app ni konchem proper ga use chesi, let’s show our talent to the world..


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