Tiger Tutorials: How To Ruin Any Movie In 10 Simple Steps!


Hello fraandz. Welcome to ‘Tiger Anna Tutorials’. Here we teach you how to ruin any classic Telugu movie in just 10 simple steps. Please read this and don’t try these at home. Because these stunts are performed under highly motivated Tiger Anna’s guidance. Don’t hit the bell icon, instead hit yourself for watching Tiger Anna’s movies.


1. First things first, take your shirt off. And flaunt your 36-pack abs.


2. Insert random helicopter shots. Why? Because, F*ck logic.


3. Shoot unlimited bullets. Just feel like you are in GTA Vice City!


4. One pakka mandatory item song. (that will have zero relevance with the story line.)


5. Randomly cut your scene and shift the location to foreign country (Why? Because Daddy is rich!).


6. Cast only Starkids. Because nepotism rocks!


7. Insert unnecessary, smart looking villain (Qualification: 8-pack abs pakka.)


8. Don’t forget to plug in random dialogues that make no sense.


9. Basically convert ANY genre movie into Action.


10. If all this seems difficult, just cast Tiger Anna. He will do the rest of the work.



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