What Are The Top Trends & Twitter Handles Of 2019? Checkout


“Trends, Threads, Hashtags, Retweets”.. Twitter use chesevaallaki ee words chaala familiar and telisina padaale. Ey trend modalavvalanna, Racha shuru kaavalanna care of adress Twitter. Mana favorite celebrities updates anni twitter lo updated ga untaayi. So, Ee year twitter lo jarigina katha kamaa mishu Twittertalli post chesindi.. Vaatini ikkada compile chesaanu oka look Eyyandi.


1. The most Retweeted Tweet & The most Liked Tweet this year


2. The most Retweeted sports-related Tweet


3. The most Retweeted Tweet in entertainment


4. The top most Tweeted about hashtags in 2019


5. The most Tweeted handles in entertainment – Female


6. The most Tweeted handles in entertainment – Male


7. Top Sports handle in India – Male


8. Top Sports handle in India – Female


9. These women politicians were the most mentioned on Twitter


10. These men were the most Tweeted about leaders in India


11. The most used emojis – 2019


Idi #Thishappend2019 with twitter. So, #Whathappened to you this year?


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